7 inch Standalone upermarket Shelf LCD advertising Player and LCD Digital Signage TD0701WP-A is specially for indoor advertising. With dedicated design, it is very easy to fix on the supermarket shelf or place on the table, or mount on the wall by different brackets for point of sales.

Built-in two high stereo speakers, the player can play and replay music, photo and video in loop, or pre-set the different volume at different time. Meanwhile, the content of the player can be updated by USB drive automatically.

Besides, we can provide extra service, like uploading your video to the player before delivery. When you get the player, just plug-in and play.


Motion Sensor/Sleep
The player will turn on/off by detecting someone's approaching/leave
7 inch, Digital panel, A Grade
Motion Sensor/Mute
The sound will come out/disappear by detecting someone approaching/leave
Display ratio:
Timer function
set up five auto on/off time
800 * 480
Log function
Auto save all play records
Active area (mm):
153.6 (W) * 86.64 (H)
Scrolling function
Edit scrolling text and time is adjustable
Dot pitch (mm):
0.192 (W) * 0.1805 (H)
Logo showing
Display small logo
Backlight life span:
Play specific file at specific time
USB update
update the content by USB drive
Commercial break
Stop playing the current file and play advertisement at specific time
View angle:
60°/60°/40°/50° (L/R/U/D)
Slide show
Play photo and music at the same time
Card type:
SD card
Card protection
Set up the password for card
Format Supportable:
JPG, MP3, MPEG1, 2, 4(divx, mpg, avi etc)
Resume function
Continue to play the previous video after power off
Remote controller, buttons on the player
AC100V-240V (50HZ-60HZ)
Power Input:
12V, 1.5A, 18W
Net weight:
0.5 kg
Built in 2*2W high stereo speakers
Player size
205 (L) * 120 (W) * 30 (D)mm
Box Size & G.W:
250(L) * 150 (W) * 85 (D)mm & 0.9kg
Carton Size & G.W
790(L) * 270 (W) * 185 (D)mm
Casing material:
Plastic, ABS
User Manual, screws, screw driver, Remote Controller, power adaptor
Easy to be fixed on the shelf, table, wall
Working temperature:
0° C-40° C
Storage temperature:
-20° C-60° C

There are several different names for HD Digital Signage, such as Digital Signage Display, Digital Signage Player, LCD Advertising player, Advertising Display, Advertising Screen,LCD Digital Signage, Digital Sign, Dynamic Advertising, Advertising Signage, LCD Media player, POP Video Player etc. At the beginning, people got used to using static advertising like printed billboards to attract passers' attention. However, nowadays, with the technology development, more and more companies find a more effective way, that is to use dynamic advertising which digital content is played on a advertising player. No matter it is in a supermarket, chain store, or train station, it brings passers a huge impact through visual and audio, and much easier to capture their attentions to increase sales and improve product awareness.