About Digital Signage/LCD Advertising Player


1.       What are the purposes of advertising players?

*  Attract client’s attention – display vivid advertisement with audio & visual

*  Enhanced client interest – for example the video display to guide how to use the product

*  Point of sales -- Advertising related to the location to uplift sales in supermarket or chain stores



2. What are the main applications of advertising players?

*  Supermarket / chain store / retail stores

*  Banks

*  Public transport

*  Fairs/exhibitions

*  Pharmacies

*  Hotels



3. Where can we put the advertising player?

*  On the supermarket shelf by shelf bracket

*  On the wall of shopping mall by wall mount bracket

*  On the desktop of exhibition by desktop bracket

*  Hanging on the ceiling by ceiling bracket

*  On the bus/taxi by bus/taxi bracket

*  Integrated with other equipment


About Standalone Advertising Player


4. What are the advantages of standalone advertising player?

*  Long time playing – industrial design & endurable material, continue playing for 24 hours with non-stop

*  Easy to install – Easily fixed on the different places by different bracket

*  Easy to update content – Auto update content by USB drive simply

*  5 timer function – 5 times to auto turn on/off by pre-set timing everyday

*  Commercial break – Play advertisement at fixed time

*  Motion sensor – The player will be mute or sleep by detecting someone’s approaching and leave

*  One video/folder repeat function – They player can choose one video/folder to repeat playing all the time


5. What is Timer Function?

*  Day mode: everyday there are five different times to auto turn on/off the player

*  Week mode: From Monday to Sunday, each day can set up different five times to auto turn on/off the player.

*  Timer function can be turned off.


6. What is Motion Sensor?

*  Sleep function: The player will auto start to play file after it detects someone’s approaching. After people walk away, the player will auto turn off after 15s-600s.

*  Mute function: The player will play file all the time, the sound will be active after it detects someone’s approaching. After people walk away, the player will be mute again after 15s-600s.

*  Motion Sensor function can be turned off.


7. What is Commercial Break?

While the player is playing entertainment files, the advertisement can be played by a fixed interval time and after finished, the player will continue to play entertainment file.


8. What is Scrolling Function?

While playing the advertisement, the player can display some news or production introduction by scrolling text to attract client’s attention.


9. What is Logo Display?

Display company logo on the right or left top of screen while playing


10. What is Playlist?

Play different files at different times by pre-set software.


11. What is One Video/Folder Repeat Function?

Choose one video or folder to play all the time.

There are several different names for HD Digital Signage, such as Digital Signage Display, Digital Signage Player, LCD Advertising player, Advertising Display, Advertising Screen,LCD Digital Signage, Digital Sign, Dynamic Advertising, Advertising Signage, LCD Media player, POP Video Player etc. At the beginning, people got used to using static advertising like printed billboards to attract passers' attention. However, nowadays, with the technology development, more and more companies find a more effective way, that is to use dynamic advertising which digital content is played on a advertising player. No matter it is in a supermarket, chain store, or train station, it brings passers a huge impact through visual and audio, and much easier to capture their attentions to increase sales and improve product awareness.